Ministry Volunteer

children & youth application

This ministry is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for those participating in our ministry activities for children and youth. We also seek to minimize any vulnerability to unwarranted accusations of improper behavior that our organization, volunteers, and employees may experience as they fulfill their ministerial duties. To fulfill these commitments as fully as possible, our leadership team has adopted the following procedures to be used, without exception, when selecting ministry volunteers and new employees and supervising children and youth. 


  • Prior to consideration, all candidates seeking a volunteer position that involves working with children or youth will complete and return an initial ministry application.
  • The ministry leader, or designee, will carefully review the application, ensuring that the candidate is an appropriate match for the ministry position.
  • If the individual appears to be an appropriate candidate for the ministry position, the La Center Church office will conduct a criminal background check through the Washington State Patrol.
  • After the ministry leader, or designee, contacts references and performs a background check, he or she will conduct an interview with the candidate.
  • When indicated by our screening procedures, volunteer candidates who pose a threat to children or youth will be removed from consideration for any ministry position involving children or youth.
  • After approval, volunteers will receive additional instruction relating to the specific procedures for each age group.