KidzTown Assisted learning center

We follow the La Center School District for weather delays and closures

KidzTown Assisted Learning Center provides structure, support and encouragement for those students enrolled in a public school distance learning program. Our staff works with the parents and teachers to help  students get connected online and complete the required work for their grade. 

As the public schools transition into a hybrid learning program, we are making adjustments to our program as well. Openings in our program are dependent of your student's schedule. To be added to our wait list please complete our registration form and we will be in contact with you to discuss scheduling. 

About our program

By now we are sure you have received our student's distance learning schedule. For working parents, trying to juggle your student's schedule and your own can be difficult. Students now have to attend Zoom meetings and download daily assignments. And on top of that, everything seems to change from week to week! 

KidzTown Assisted Learning Center is here to help! We offer a place where students can go. Our staff helps your student connect to online resources and keep them on task. Each student has their own workspace with a power source, Wi-Fi, and access to a printer. 

We open daily at 8:15 am so students are ready to go when their online school starts. We are cooperating with La Center, Woodland, and Battleground schools to provide assistance for students in those districts.

In addition to assisting your student with their online learning, our program offers social interactions, outdoor recess time, a lunch break, and other age appropriate activities such as story time and crafts.

Times & Tuition

Our program is open from 8:15 am to 12:45 pm Monday thru Friday. We currently offer a 5 day a week program, for a monthly cost of $300 per student. Our local school districts are in the process of putting together a hybrid online/in person learning program. As the schools change we will make adjustments to our program and offer different day/time options. Enrollment is on a month to month basis. If your family situation changes, please let us know prior to the end of the month and we will open up our child's spot to someone on our wait list.

For additional information, refer to our parent's handbook on our KidzTown Parents Page